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LaBella's Designer


The creative designer behind LaBella.

I have a passion for design, I cannot stop designing... 

Every woman is unique. LaBella embraces every woman’s personality, and when I design jewelry, my inspiration is nourished by the many facets of the feminine world. 

Each piece I design will appeal to a special woman because jewelry is personal and connected to inner emotions. 

Suhaib was born in Syria and grew up surrounded by his family, who loved and supported him. Especially his father who quickly recognized his son’s talent as a child. His father helped him pursue his passion by supporting him in every possible way to make him a great artist.

For young Suhaib, the house's courtyard was a place to nurture his creativity, finding inspiration in nature’s colors and shapes. He channeled this inspiration into designing and drawing, the fundamental skills for his growing talent.

At a very young age, Suhaib began winning competitions and was soon among the top three Syrian students. He had the honor of having his first painting exhibition at age 16.

At age 23, Suhaib moved to Saudi Arabia to start his career, looking for every opportunity to refine his skills and gain more experience in that business environment.

In 2002, Suhaib was awarded the first winner of the “Free Creativity Competition” organized by the World Gold Council for the Middle East and North Africa. The unusual, open-ended construction of Suhaib’s necklace design was impressive, and he was chosen from among 7,000 designers as the grand prize winner.

As Suhaib became famous among jewelry businesses, he began working with l’Azurde as a creative jewelry designer.

His design talent was highly appreciated as he was always at the forefront of creativity, exploring new ideas, and challenging himself to use new materials. He was the first Middle Eastern designer to use black rhodium, in the collection CIVILISATION. That collection was so successful that he was pursued by the Dubai-based brand "TAIBA". Suhaib accepted their offer and moved to Dubai.

Suhaib worked in TAIBA as a Chief Designer, and he made tens of thousands of designs. His designs have been exhibited in Basel World, Italy, Istanbul, Hong Kong, New York and all over the Middle East and North Africa.


Suhaib designs for "TAIBA" were distributed by DAMAS, one of the largest jewelry sellers in the Middle East and North Africa. Suhaib’s designs made a remarkable contribution to their business.

Dubai was a crucial turning point for him because Suhaib loved the city. It was inspirational to achieve what was thought impossible in this city. Dubai was the city of dreams, the city with the greatest achievements in spite of all its challenges.

Suhaib’s unceasing aspirations led him to his next journey, to Egypt, where he became the Executive Director and Chief Designer of Egypt Gold. There he managed over 1,500 employees, and the experience he gained there gave him a full understanding of the fundamentals of managing and manufacturing.

Day after day Suhaib's experience grew. He went deep into the jewelry business discovering all its secrets and traveling from one exhibition to another. He was always feeding his passion by continuously studying diamond classifications, natural gemstones, and giving his attention to even the smallest details in the business.


Finally, in 2012, he started his very own business, in the heart of Dubai.
The DAHABI Gold factory was established, after he had built his team from the most skilled goldsmiths, and created a solid manufacturing infrastructure supported by all latest technologies and machines which guaranteed the highest quality of production. Suhaib started working on his dream project “LaBella”, mixing his rich heritage with his passion for the Venetian culture and his love of the luxury and modernism of Dubai. During the three years of creating hundreds of designs, exploring creative ideas, new materials, gold colors and gemstones, “LaBella” came to life.